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Five things successful teachers do 👨‍🏫

Educators pour their souls into their work. From looking to do it better to helping learners reach their full potential.

But what do successful teachers do differently? Let's take a look...


Being positive all the time is hard - but it's needed. Good teachers are upbeat and see past setbacks. If you are negative, it will show in your teaching. The truth is, energy is infectious - negativity just breeds fear and failure. It is so important to demonstrate good attitudes and a positive energy. This will make your learners happy, ready to learn and want to participate.


Learners need encouragement - but it has to be real. If you start singing praises for under par work, you start to sound like a character in Mrs Browns' Boys... #thatsnice Praise should be meaningful and offer value. Learners need to know what is good, and what is not so good. After all, our job is to develop learners' skills and knowledge - how can you do this without identifying areas for improvement? Trust me - they will thank you in the long run.


Speaking of improvement - it is important to look how we improve your teaching. I'm a big believer in reflective practice to avoid becoming stuck or stubborn. Take time to reflect on teaching methods and delivery. After all, there is always room for improvement. Think about what went well and what you would do differently next time. Use different assessment types and methods to see what progress learners have made. This will help you to shape future lessons and ensure you cover all bases in the curriculum and learner journey.

4. FUN 🤡

Lessons can become boring or stale - so mix it up and have a bit of fun. No one wants to be in a boring lesson. You switch off and start watching the clock. Humour, games and role play help keep the good times rolling whilst still getting to heart of the topic. There is a fine balance to be struck here, however. Too much and you will risk losing respect or confidence of your learners. Strike the right balance and embed interactive, engaging activities - you'll be onto a winning combination!

5. ADAPT 💪

This goes without saying - but may be the hardest to crack. Everyone learns differently. As educators, we need to adapt our style and delivery to help learners grow and succeed. Initial assessment plays a big part in this and helps you to plan effective sessions that meet your learners' needs. But as time goes on, these needs may change and that planning will need to adapt. Being flexible is key! No-one likes change, but accepting it is inevitable and learning how to handle this will go a long way.

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