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Why you should invest in personal development training this year

As the world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering whether it’s time to reconsider your career path. Around the world, billions of professionals have had to change the way they live and work, and whilst we all hope that we can return to some sort of normality in the months and years ahead, there’s no denying that there will be a lasting impact on the job market. Perhaps you’ve been temporarily furloughed, or maybe even been made redundant and need to find a new position? Below, we’ve put together just some of the reasons why you should invest in personal development training this year… Stand out from the crowd On average, 118 people apply for every job in the UK - and only 20% of those will be offered an interview. As the employment market becomes even more strained and competitive, you’ll need to work harder than ever to stand out and increase your chances of an interview. If you invest in personal development training and have an additional qualification under your belt, you’ll be seen as the more attractive candidate when compared to someone without training. Choose your training course wisely - if you want to get ahead in your teaching, you could take a CPD course to improve your feedback, planning and delivery skills. You’ve got more free time at home One thing you’re not short of right now is free time. Even if you’re back to work, the chances are that your usual commitments - meeting up with friends, taking the kids to school, visiting the cinema, volunteering - are on hold. Use those extra hours to improve your prospects and gain a real sense of purpose and fulfilment in a highly anxious time. Whether you take an online training course on an evening when you settle the kids down for bed, or you make it part of your working from home routine, it’s never been easier to find time to further yourself. We’re entering a major recession The coronavirus pandemic is having a significant impact on the job market. Though the Job Retention Scheme has helped to cushion the blow, the truth is that many more companies will suffer in the months ahead. According to one report, unemployment in the UK could hit almost 10% by the fourth quarter of 2020 - that’s up from the estimated 3.9% right now. In short, no job is safe, but adding an extra string to your bow will show your boss that you’re passionate about your job and industry and want to better yourself and their organisation. Increase your earning power When you take a training course in a high-demand skill, you’re able to give hiring managers another reason to say yes to your application. And the more skilled and experienced you are, the easier it’ll be to command a higher salary. For example, if you’re a corporate trainer, you could enrol onto a teaching course, demonstrating your commitment to your role. You can use your new-found knowledge and skill to ask for a pay-rise. Boost your confidence Nobody wants to be made redundant or have their hours cut at work. It’s not only a major kick in the teeth, but it can knock your confidence and make you feel as though you’re not good enough. A training course can give you more skills, which will give you an edge over your colleagues. You’ll have more to talk about, you’ll be more certain of your abilities, and you can put yourself forward for projects and positions you’d previously have overlooked. Be in charge of your own destiny Personal development training is about much more than checking a few boxes and gaining another certificate - it’s about climbing the career ladder. Although 87% of millennials say that training is important to them, and 40% of employees will leave a position if they don’t receive the training and development they expect, companies are still not investing in the ways they should. By taking your personal development into your own hands, you can truly be in charge of your own career path - and outmanoeuvre your colleagues and competitors. Challenge perceptions If you’ve been in the same role at the same organisation for a long time and do a good job, it’s easy to be pigeonholed into a position and find it hard to score a promotion or be handed new responsibilities. Whether you’re bored or ready to progress, taking a course gives you the upper hand. You’ll be seen as someone who takes initiative and is driven and will show your bosses that you mean business. Walk into their office with your new qualification and a renewed sense of confidence, and you might just convince them to take a punt on you. Whether you’re still in the early stages of your career or you’ve been working in the same industry for decades, challenging yourself with a training course can help you gain a new sense of perspective. At SavvyWise, we offer a range of courses in education and training - and they are delivered on our online learning platform, meaning they can be taken at any time, anywhere. Reach out if you have any questions.

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